Fundraising  FAQs


What does the organization get in return for a family portrait donation?

You keep the full $25 donated by each family after the first year.

What is the minimum number of portraits required to hold a fundraiser?
We require 18 family appointments for one weekday or 36 family appointments for a Saturday or Sunday to be paid and scheduled before we can send a photographer. A final decision will be made one week prior to your photography date.

Is there a limit per family?
Our special Fundraising Offer is limited to one coupon per family. No adult or child may appear more than once in this family portrait special.

Can we ask you to shoot more than one pose?
Each family portrait session will include a variety of poses-family, children, parents, or any special requests when time and circumstance allow. Please keep in mind your portrait session is ten minutes.

Can families purchase additional photos over and above the one they receive for $25?
Additional photos will be available to order or purchase on the viewing day
including canvas wall portraits.

How long is my portrait session?
10 minutes

How do I get my 11×14 for my donation to the school?
At the time of your portrait sitting, you will be asked to schedule an appointment to come back and pick up your 11 x 14 print and view the additional photos were taken either at your school or organization or Tanner Portrait Studio. (Both the photo shoot location & return location is agreed upon between Tanner and the Organization at time of booking)


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Who chooses the photo to be the 11 x 14 print for my donation?
Our Photographers are super skilled in this area and will choose only the best family portrait out of the photographs taken at the time of your sitting, along with the additional poses taken.

Do I get something for being the coordinator?
Yes! Volunteer coordinator Rewards

  • 60 families photographed: 50% off Tanner Complete Package
  • 61 to 75 families photographed: FREE Tanner Complete Package
  • 76 families photographed: prior gift + 16×20 Canvas photo of your choice.

Can I bring my pet? 
Yes your family pets are welcome.

What happens if I miss my appointment because of a sickness or unexpected circumstance.

Can I get a refund for my donation?
No. Your donation to the school or organization is nonrefundable.

Will the school offer a makeup session?
No. However, Tanner understands that things do happen beyond your control. You can contact Tanner directly and we will do our best to get you a makeup appointment at another location nearby or at our studio when possible.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and the families associated with your organization. We appreciate all your time and effort in helping us organize your Family Portrait Fundraiser and we are confident that together we can make this one of your best and most requested fundraisers ever.

For questions, concerns or suggestions, contact us today at