Step 1 – Distribute the Flyers
6 to 8 weeks before your date, send home the full page flyer with every student and staff member. Send half page flyer home 2 weeks before the date.

Step 2 – Advertise
Write the date, location, name and phone number on the posters and put them up in several places, such as:

– around the school
– at your local middle school
– local shopping area
– see FAQ for suggestions

Step 3 – Make Appointments
Families will call or send their coupon to school requesting an appointment

– Assign each family a 10 minute appointment time as close as possible to their request and record their name and phone number on the appointment sheet provided- families must pay first to obtain an appointment
– Send an appointment reminder to the family
– Keep your appointments condensed as much as possible
– Reserve 30 minutes to an hour during the middle of the day to provide thephotographer a meal break. (Sat/Sun only)
Viewing day- Your photographer will speak with you a couple of days before to arrange a day for them to bring the photos back to the school (approx. 10 days)
Step 4 – The Photography Day
The hard part is done.

Location Details: For the photography day, we will need an open space of at least 20 ft x 40 ft with a minimum ceiling height of 9ft and an easily accessible power outlet. Ideally there will be few or no windows. We will also need access to bathroom facilities. Places that have worked well at other schools would be: a classroom, the media center, gymnasium, or cafeteria.
Meet the photographer 1 hour before the first appointment
Delivering your photos— Schedule a day for the photographer to bring photos back to school
(approximately 10 days later).
Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and the families associated with your school. We appreciate all your time and effort in helping us to organize your Family Portrait Fundraiser and are confident that together we can make this one of your best and
most requested fundraisers ever.

For questions, concerns or suggestions, contact us today at