E-flyer distribution

Six to eight weeks prior to your event date.  Send out another round of electronic flyers 3 weeks prior to your event date.  Email a final round of flyers 1 weeks prior to your event date.

Advertise & Promote

  • Display provided 8×10 mini-posters around the school. Place posters in areas most visible to parents for example: front entrance of school, front desk area, teachers’ lounge and entrance to aftercare pickup.
  • Promote event on front page of your website.
  • (PTA Website) (School Calendar of Events)
  • Email blasts to all contacts on contact list.
  • Announce on Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and any other social media site. Stay consistent with promoting online to continue to get the word out.
  • Promote weekly in e-newsletter until week of event.
  • Ask your Principal to include in his or her message from the Principal if they send one home.

How to Make Appointments

Families can secure an appointment online and via credit card or pay pal, they can also submit their payment to the coordinator within 48 hours of selecting their appointment online.

  • Set up a Signup Genius account to allow families to schedule their appointments online. When setting up signup genius, please remember to require an email and phone number when choosing an appointment.
  • (There are settings that allow you to do this)
  • (Tanner can assist with setup, we will need your user name and password)
  • Each family will choose their 10 minute times slot, first come first serve.
  • Families must pay their portrait fee donation in advance to secure an appointment.
  • 2 Options on how to collect payment.
  • Option 1: link a PayPal account to signup genius where they will be prompt to pay once they choose their appointment time. (Recommended)
  • Option 2: We know that not all schools may have accessibility to a PayPal account. Once they choose their appointment time on Signup genius they must send their check into the school within 48 hours to secure their appointment time. (If they don’t, please remove their names, so another family can take advantage of their time slot).
  • Confirm receipt of the payment within 48 hours
  • Please keep appointment times as close together as possible.
  • Signup genius will send out a reminder 2 days prior to remind them of the date and time they chose with a request to confirm. If confirmation has not been made, the Coordinator will reach out by phone seeking confirmation no later than one day prior to the photo shoot.
  • Your return viewing date will be agreed upon 1 to 2 weeks prior to your photo shoot. Viewing time will be either at your school or the studio approximately 10 days later.
  • One Week prior to your photo date: Tanner requires your finial schedule at that time Tanner will take full possession of the schedule for any additional changes or new appointments please direct the families to contact Tanner and we will assist them.

The Photography Day …the hard part is done

  • Location: If shooting indoors at the school, Tanner needs an open space of at least 20ft x 40ft with a minimum ceiling height of 9ft.  We require an easily accessible power outlet. Ideally, there should be few or no windows.  We need access to bathroom facilities. Examples: classroom or cafeteria, stage.
  • Meet the photographer at the shoot location one hour prior to the first appointment for set up.
  • If appointment are outdoors, please meet photographer 20 minutes prior to the shoot to go over any last-minute changes you have received.
  • A volunteer assistant is needed the day of the shoot to fill out paperwork for photographer and assign viewing times.

Please sign and fax back the Tanner Family Portrait agreement:

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 8.58.14 AM | Feb 14Click here to download our appointment form to set up the family portrait appointment times.

* If you use your own appointment sheet, scheduling must be shown in 10 minutes increments.