I recommend Tanner Portrait Studio to everyone

We have used Tanner Portrait Studio at both Oakwood Elementary School and West Hall Middle School for several years. As a mother of 7 and grandmother of 4 we always had beautiful photos taken. I have always been excited to see how wonderful my photos are going to

I treasure the beautiful images that Tanner has created.

Tanner Portrait Studio has been taking family portraits at our school since it opened in 2004. Through the Family Portrait Fundraiser we have been able to raise funds to help with teacher support and activities throughout the school. Over the past few years, our relationship with Tanner

We love Tanner!

They take beautiful pictures. We have the pictures decorating our upstairs hall. We get our family portraits done twice a year. We have so many awesome pictures that we’re running out of wall space. It’s been a wonderful way to preserve the girls at the different ages.

Outdoor Family Portraits

Every year we do our family portraits… Always outside. The pictures are wonderful. I love seeing our family grow and change. Even our pets… Tanner Portrait Studio feels like part of MY family! Erin and Chris Myers