Fun and easy fundraiser
Family portrait fundraisers are a fantastic way to raise funds for any school, organization or business. PTA’s, technology departments, sports teams, chorus, Girl Scouts, and other groups have worked with us to successfully raise money.

What you get:

  • Each family pays $25 and receives an 11×14 portrait.
  • Your organization keeps the entire amount of $25 for the 11×14 print.
  • Tanner Family Portraits provides advertising display boards, flyers, and other related materials for promotion.
  • Our studio photographer will come to you. We set up a studio in your gym, cafeteria, classroom or media center, or conference room.
  • Any weeknight or weekend will work.
  • Families receive their portrait within 10 days, plus more pictures are available to order or purchase at competitive prices.
  • Best of all, it requires only ONE volunteer!

We also include additional bonuses for your group.
School/Group receives a bonus on the total number of sittings photographed.

  • 60 families photographed – $100.00
  • 75 families photographed – $150.00
  • 125 families photographed – $200.00